Intiaz Khan

Intiaz Khan

12 Dec Intiaz Khan

Job title: Operational Excellence
Type of position: Placement
Company: General Electric, Healthcare
Degree: Business Computing

Why I loved it:

“GE is always about making a change to the business and the world so it can enrich people’s lives, I enjoyed seeing my projects actually making an impact in the business performance and having the opportunity to watch my project grow from just a proposal to a final product. Every morning I always had an exciting feeling knowing that I would learn something new and of not knowing what was around the corner which motivated me to do well. I very much enjoyed the training and mentoring from my manager and peers who would always give me feedback to improve in certain areas in order to become a well-rounded leader. It was a great leadership experience.”

My best experience/greatest achievement:

“I drove many projects to success by analysing new opportunities and finding solutions to threats. As my knowledge started to increase, I managed further projects that included risk mitigation challenges and cost reduction. I also discovered a disruption between the Operational Excellence team with their communication strategy and introduced a new platform for all the teams to communicate efficiently. I also found opportunities to improve business productivity, which helped speed up urgent business requests. In turn, I was awarded a Chief Information Officer award for my hard work and commitment throughout my internship.”

What I learned:

“My role in the Operational Excellence (OpEx) space was very diverse and would change on an on-going basis. The role is key to delivering high performing, highly available business systems to the Life Sciences organisation. I was supporting applications, infrastructure support and monitoring different environments. I also identified critical OpEx related issues and ensured permanent preventative actions were undertaken. My most enjoyable project was finding key performance indicators in order to improve the business performance and reduce costs for the business. Other sub roles included managing the on boarding process for the new interns and leading the professional development committee.”

About my experience/Tips for students:

“My recommendation to all Brunel students would be to visit the PCC as they didn’t just assist me with my CV and assessment centre preparation but they also motivated me to continue applying and made sure I didn’t give up. They are very good at their job and I would strongly recommend all students to take advantage of this!”