Finance Business Partner – Iman Sharif

iman sharif

20 Jul Finance Business Partner – Iman Sharif

Job title: Finance Business Partner
Type of role: Placement (12 months)
Organisation: Sanofi

Course studying: Finance and Accounting
Year of graduation: 2018

Why I loved working here…
My team was great in supporting me, and helping me grow throughout the whole of my placement. I had many opportunities to develop my skills, such as getting advanced Excel training. There was also a great student community at Sanofi, making the social aspect of the job also really fun.

My best experience/greatest achievement…
Getting to travel to Paris and undertake training for a new software. I also helped to write and get approved a standard operation procedure which will now be used throughout the company.

What I learned…

  • How to interact with people who are a lot more senior in the company than me, for example, Directors.
  • How to communicate effectively via email, telephone and face to face.

How the PDC/Placement Adviser helped me…
The PDC helped me prepare my CV and with interview preparation. I had to prepare a PowerPoint presentation for my interview, and my placement adviser helped me greatly with this.

My advice for students wanting to work in this sector…
Apply to as many placements as you can. It’s not enough to just apply to five and think you will hear back from them all. Also, you must make sure you research the company thoroughly before you go for an interview.