Huinan Xu

04 Feb Huinan Xu

Nationality: Chinese
Work location: Shanghai, China
Job title: Director, Product Development and Marketing
Company:  Dun & Bradstreet
Degree : Ph.D


Joined consultancy firms after graduation focusing on financial risk advisory. Gained hands on experience with IBM Global Business Services and Ernst&Young with broad project exposure across industries.

What my job involves

Manage research and development activities relating to the design and development  of risk management products and qualification or re-qualification of new and existing products. Develop and support the product/business road map. Act as a customer liaison on technical issues related to product integration, custom development and requirements. Lead major releases and ensure feature enhancements respond to customer request. Work with a cross-functional team to ensure fulfilment of product requirements, evaluate product performance and transition products from development to commercialization.

What I did to get the job

Consistent career track record in financial risk management and advisory in top tier consulting firms. Continue to improve professionalism to take up leadership and sophisticated role. I am also a qualified auditor certified by ISACA in US to perform SOX and internal risk advisory tasks while I was with E&Y.

What I gained from the UK experience

Compatible with people from different culture and background, which helps me quickly adapt to changing environments.

I spent quite a period of time while doing my Ph.D with US colleagues to co-develop academic competencies to broaden exposure and recognition in relevant subject areas.The cross border academic project activities helped expedite my Ph.D progress and excellent performance in the field

Sound knowledge structure and research training during PhD helped me to develop  systematic thinking and structured presentation of my idea to various audience that helps me in both internal selling and also client facing effectiveness

Comparatively in China more exposure leveraged on my international exposure to follow my career development strategy

My top tips for international students

  • Career-wise consistency and more hands on experience to find a satisfactory job
  • In theory alumni network could be useful·