Hephzibah Kwakye-Saka


09 Sep Hephzibah Kwakye-Saka

“I worked at DV8 Training Limited; as a Recruitment Junior Manager. DV8 Training is a training industry where training is offered to students who have had a difficult time in mainstream education and are likely to do better in a more relaxed environment. They are offered courses in the creative industry; that is Music Industry project; which involves Event Planning, Music Production and Business and Fashion. In the past, the DV8 Training offered a Multimedia and Journalism course out of which Fusion magazine was created. The tutors who teach the course are all industry professionals who did very well in the field, so have a lot of insight in the industry.”

“My role was to recruit students for the courses, along with the Recruitment Manager; I received applications for the three courses we offered, and then called the applicants to see if they were eligible for the course. The applicant had to be between 16-18 years old, got five G.C.S.E’s which were C’s and below, not in employment or education. I then booked them for an interview with the tutors. I also made sure that the software that had the student’s information was updated and also updated the company’s marketing database with new contacts of connections and youth services from surrounding boroughs.”