Harshal Varsani

Harshal Varsani Pic (Civil Engineering Student) Pic

12 Jan Harshal Varsani

Job title: Trainee Internship
Type of position: Internship
Company: Morgan Tucker, Consulting Engineers
Degree: Civil Engineering

Why I loved it:

“Within the first 3-4 weeks I had already been involved in design work. I was part of one of the design teams under the structures division of the company. My team leader was also my mentor; however other team leaders and colleagues within the office were readily available and are incredibly enthusiastic when it came to passing on their technical as well as intuitive knowledge. Through the experience gained I was able to take a project brief, independently do the design work necessary (while asking questions when required) and produce the final product that is issued to the client.”

My best experience/greatest achievement:

“I had designed an RC slab in the first 3-4 weeks of being here, this is a topic covered in level 3 so I had a head start when I got back to Brunel. One of many you are likely to get after a placement there.”

What I learned:

  • Designing all of the Steelwork required for a Level 6 maintenance walkway connecting two buildings.
  • Designing steelwork required for a new mezzanine floor within an existing warehouse being converted for office space. I also designed the bracing required within the structure to resist wind loading. This project also had a small element of foundation design where I checked whether the existing foundations would hold out under the additional load due to the proposed mezzanine floor.
  • Steel connection design which includes specifying supporting mechanisms, types of bolts, restraints, weld etc.
  • Interestingly we have several projects at Brunel University. I personally was involved in a project at the Joseph Lowe building on campus, which was overhauled to create new lab space for the Civil Engineering department. I hand calculated and specified the steelwork that was required for the proposed layout. I was also involved in the drainage aspects of the project (i.e. liaising with surveying contractors, marking up drawings and specifying components).