Law Intern – Hareem Naqvi

Hareem Naqvi

18 Jul Law Intern – Hareem Naqvi

Job Title: Law Intern
Company: Hammersmith and Fulham Law Center

Course studying: Law
Year of graduation: 2019


A brief outline of my role…
I worked in the Housing and Immigration department. In Housing, I attended cases involving possessions, evictions and successions. In Immigration, I attended cases which involved Asylum Seekers and victims of domestic violence. The finance role required me to flag up outstanding payments from clients.

My proudest achievement/experience in this role…
I was asked by an immigration solicitor to explain to a minor the reasons for the refusal of his asylum case by the Home Office. I believe that was the most significant role for me during my internship as it was undertaken without the supervision of a solicitor. The role required reading over the reasons of refusal before the meeting took place. It was a challenge for me to undertake however after doing a few sessions, I became confident and I desired to do more of such tasks.

How I have developed professionally since working here…
After working at the center, I believe I have grown as a person. It has made me acknowledge the demanding nature of the work and the importance of building client relationships. My confidence levels enhanced when I listened and communicated with clients on behalf of solicitors. One of the skills I learnt at the internship was to receive complex information and to be able to digest it in my own way when it came to explaining it to the client – there is a lot of legal jargon out there which clients do not always understand. I can now speak to people with confidence and I am able to network on a wider scale.

Advice I would give to students wanting to work in this sector…
Working in law can be demanding and therefore it is vital to find a culture that best fits you. My advice would be to gain as much experience as possible – from law centers/high street law firms to City law firms. From experience, working at the law centre gave me an insight of how it operates compared to a law firm. Solicitors work closely with each other and it gradually becomes a small family. The sheer amount of work experience that I gained from the law centre is truly priceless and I would encourage other students to seek out such opportunities.