George Coates


04 Sep George Coates

Why I loved it:

“I worked with the PCC as an Employability Rep, organising and helping to run events which promoted employability for students of Brunel University. My main job was conducting and co-ordinating several interviews with graduates of the School of Arts who had gone on to be very successful in their own fields of expertise. I also completed a 4 week work experience placement with the BBC. I was directly involved with the creation of a comedy show, working in areas such as sound, lighting, editing, running, and camera operation. This fantastic opportunity was something I thought I would have to wait for a very long time to receive, however, it was afforded me during the first long term holiday after my first year of university.”

What I learned:

“I was told about the placement by a friend who also worked with the PCC. They had found it online whilst cataloguing all the most recent online based applications for placements and work experience opportunities. They knew I wanted to be a writer and so passed it on. While I was at the BBC I was told fairly often that it was unusual (but good!) for someone of my age to have been given work experience and I think it was my time with the PCC that gave me the perspective to see work experience opportunities as more than just ‘C.V fillers’. Because of the placement I am now in contact with a lot of industry professionals. I am in regular correspondence with the writer and director of the show, and I have made a lot of new friends in the process!”

About my experience/Tips for students:

“I would recommend that anyone who wants a head start in their career to take the very short trip up to the PCC and see what work experience placements might be available to you. I had an amazing time working with the BBC, and will hopefully be returning there very soon.”