Marketing and Product Development Intern – Gaia Curti

Gaia Curti

22 Jun Marketing and Product Development Intern – Gaia Curti

Job title: Marketing and Product Development Intern
Company: Discovery Communications
Course studies: Communications and Media Studies
Year of graduation: 2018


A brief outline of my role…
I was working for the CEEMEA region Passion Brands team, mainly with Discovery Science, creating and managing Facebook/Instagram/YouTube content. I assisted with campaigns, and the production process of products (i.e. apps), as well as helping channel re-brands, and creating strategy reports.

Why I loved working here…
The team was used to having interns and made it very easy for me to feel at home right from the start. I liked that I was able to talk to people from other teams and get an insight into what their roles were – and they were open to having me help out, or shadow them if I wanted. There were around 30 other interns at the company, so it was very easy to befriend others like myself. Lastly, the location was amazing. Chiswick Business park always has fun things going on for the employees to try (like free ice cream or zip lining!) and it’s a very pretty place overall.

My proudest achievement/experience…
I became the point of contact for people from other teams when they needed someone to create social media videos for their brands (i.e. Discovery Channel and TLC, not just Discovery Science). I was also the one to introduce the .SRT files sharing technique to allow subtitling throughout the regions, which made editing the content much faster for everyone at a regional scale.

How I have developed professionally…
One example of my professional development since working at Discovery would be that my time management skills have gotten much better. This was because of the constant quick turn around needed to complete tasks – as usual for the TV industry. The former has improved my job performance, which in turn increased my duties and responsibilities at the office.

My advice to students wanting to work in this industry…
Working in the TV industry means constant change. New trends and ideas come up every single day, so you have to be able to keep track of what is “in” at the moment at all times – not just for TV, for everything media related. You need to keep an eye open for these things and try to see how you could incorporate them in your work! Another thing is, you can go from having almost no work to hoping you had no work, and you need to be able to manage your priorities. My advice would be to keep a journal next to you at all times. Write down everything you need to do and cross things out as you go. Lastly, be as creative as you can, and volunteer to help out whenever possible.