Fawwaz Siddiqi


10 Jan Fawwaz Siddiqi

Job title: Sales Original Equipment Worker
 Position: Placement
Company: Robert Bosch UK
Degree: Mechanical Engineering

“One of the key factors behind my choice to study Mechanical Engineering was the fact that students are given an opportunity to complete a year in industry. Therefore, after completing my second year, the thought of completing a placement really excited me as it would allow me to be involved in something different after 2 hard years of study! Not only do you gain experience on how an Engineering company operates, but it also gives you a breath of fresh air as you gain an insight into the daily working life which helps you to develop as an individual. This can only help to benefit you in the future.”

“I successfully gained a placement with Robert Bosch UK. I used the Brunel Placement & Careers Centre who were very helpful and helped tweak my CV and gave very useful tips which came in handy as I received 2 placement offers. The fact that I received an offer from Bosch made it very appealing to me; little did I expect to get an interview, let alone the placement! Therefore I would recommend students to apply to as many companies as possible, as more often than not, your personality and enthusiasm may get you the placement over your grades!”

“I worked in the Sales Original Equipment Division and my role involved dealing with two UK car manufacturers, Jaguar and Land Rover. Bosch supplies various car components and one of my tasks involved me ordering prototype parts, using various software packages, in accordance to customer requests, which they use in their prototype cars before they go into production. The role involved a lot of liaising with different departments within the company as well as externally with the customer and fellow colleagues in Germany & Malaysia. Planning and scheduling was also very essential to ensure we remained on track to meet customer demands.  The role helped me to gain knowledge of the parts that go into the engine, such as fuel injectors, pressure sensors and ECUs, as well as the manufacturing processes that are used to create such parts, such as laser injection moulding and casting for throttle bodies. This had a good link with what I studied at university and has enhanced my understanding.”

Why I loved it:

“I travelled to Germany to visit the Bosch prototype facility to discuss the projects we were currently working on.”

What I have learned:

“I went on 3 company visits to the Jaguar and Land Rover manufacturing plants in the UK where I got to see, first hand, some of the cars that are going to be launched next year and prototype builds for cars planned for the future!”

My best experiences:

“The experience was been much better than I expected. I met some very friendly people who were always willing to help, and made several friends with other students also on placement.”