Emma Smith


05 Jan Emma Smith

“Undertaking a placement at NetApp provided me with excellent opportunities to work with all nationalities, across the world. Being awarded a “Great Place to work” around the globe, NetApp has really followed through on this. There is a genuine “family-like” culture throughout, meaning that from day one, I felt welcomed and like a valued member of the company. This was reflected in the working culture consistently through every person always being prepared to go that extra mile for you.  NetApp showed a genuine interest in the skill development of interns through careful consideration of day-to-day job roles, individualised training sessions and project management opportunities offered.”

Why I love it:

“My time at NetApp more than exceeded my expectations of a placement, I was exposed to and involved in activities that I could never have imagined – an absolutely exceptional placement!”

My best experience:

“My best experience at NetApp was when my manager was confident enough in my abilities to propose to a vice president that I should be the project manager for an EMEA NetApp sponsored event. I was ultimately responsible for seeing through the project and ensuring that the event was used to benefit the company in the best possible way.”

About my experience/Tips for students:

“Working at NetApp enabled me to put my learning from university into practice in a global, fast-paced and ever changing business. The skills that I have gained and experiences I have had throughout my placement year will undoubtedly prepare me better for my final year of studies – you will learn more than you could ever have imagined by undertaking a placement year.”