Emma Jeremy


21 Aug Emma Jeremy

Why I loved it:

“Working at the Placement and Careers Centre enabled me to learn so much, not just about work, but about the work environment, working in an office and meeting briefs. I loved it because of all the different types of work I was able to do, and because I knew that everything I did enhanced my CV and made me a well rounded candidate for the future.”

My best experience:

“Working with the PCC team was brilliant, and I felt like I learnt so much from them, in terms of skills, but mainly around my own employability, and how to increase my chances of success in the job market after I graduated. I felt that my best experience was gaining perspective on this, and feeling much more prepared for the future as a result.”

What I learned:

“I learnt and developed various computer skills such as working with spreadsheets, editing software and web based programmes, but also learnt a lot about working within a team and how to interact with people on a professional level.”

About my experience:

“I worked within the PCC office as a summer intern after I had completed the first year of my degree. My role was to help with the integration of the KIS widget, an application that would allow prospective students to clearly compare the employability ratings of courses, among other things, with each other and between universities. I also formed part of a team focussed on the re-vamp of the ‘Employability’ page of the PCC’s website. This involved shooting and editing a video, designing and drafting graphics to give as examples to designers, writing and editing content and putting forward ideas on how to make the page more multi-media friendly. My role extended to writing and editing copy for the PCC’s site, proof-reading various print media, collecting data, creating spreadsheets for records and liaising with members of the university staff.”