Domas Zinkevicius

17 Dec Domas Zinkevicius

“I worked on a new design of an “A” frame. This “A” frame was used to mount test diesel pumps on the test rigs. The project became quite wide because the “A” frame had to accommodate many different types of equipment and had to fit every rig. I was lucky to come up with some ideas for a new design of a device for torque and side load measurements on the pump. The project was very interesting for me because I had to apply knowledge from previous courses: how to manage a design process, calculate static and dynamic loads and choose appropriate materials. I am very excited because the company plans to manufacture a mock-up of my device, so everything that is in Solid Works at the moment will become real things.”

Why I loved it:

“The engineers were very kind to me and gave answers to all my questions. They spent quite a long time showing everything in detail.”

My best experiences:

“I kept showing interest in learning more; my supervisor noticed that and introduced me to a new project.”

What I learned:

“I have learned much about sensors and transducers and other measuring equipment and learning how to work with your managers and co-workers.”