Diego Bermúdez Álvarez

Diego Bermudez Alvarez - Photo

08 Dec Diego Bermúdez Álvarez

Job title: International Communications and Project Manager
Type of position: Placement
Company: Microsoft
Degree: International Business

Why I loved it:

“I loved everything about my job but if I had to choose one thing it would definitely be the amount of opportunities I had to network with people from different departments. I learnt a huge amount of things which will be vital for me in my professional future.”

My best experience/greatest achievement:

“My job with the Spanish speaking markets was the highlight of my placement and the project I am most proud of. The Spanish speaking markets had a communications problem. After identifying this problem, I researched and learned about different technologies which could be used to solve their problem until I arrived at a solution. My solution worked extremely well and this was measured by a noticeable increase in page views on the MSN site. This solution worked so well that it was then leveraged into the German and French speaking markets. This project involved networking with people from all of South America and Spain and this is something I enjoyed.”

What I learned:

“I learned how to support the Communications Manager by producing newsletter articles, PowerPoint presentations and working on filming projects. A key role was to run the logistics of the monthly ‘All Hands’ meetings, where the MSN International GM provided strategic vision for the organisation. The ‘All Hands’ were then screened around the world to 52+ markets.”

I project managed the coordination of Spanish speaking markets to improve their communication systems and established a way for the Spanish speaking markets to gain visibility into how they use content. I managed the rhythm of the business calendar, preparing the business for major calendar events, business reviews and monthly updates. I project managed the budget and logistics for the International MSN Summit, produced new communication tools by first learning new technical skills, researching and then using them to develop SharePoints, Gant charts and other tools.

I also supported the International Executive Assistant in organising a Christmas event for 60+ people, collated and circulated the International Leadership Team weekly priorities and created and managed all the MSN International distribution groups throughout the year.”

About my experience/Tips for students:

“Don’t give up. Being able to do a placement is a unique opportunity. Keep sending application forms and asking for feedback until you find one. Go to the Placement and Careers centre at Brunel and spend enough time one each application. Don’t rush them.”