Dianna Reid


18 Jan Dianna Reid

My role at the Citizens Advice Bureau in Ruislip is as a Gateway assessor. As a Gateway assessor, I welcome the clients who come into the bureau and assess their problem. Once they have explained what their issue is, I give them all the information they need to support them and hopefully solve what their issues are. In addition, if their situation is beyond the need of simply giving information, I have the ability to give them an appointment with a solicitor that applies to the category of their problems. For example, a client who comes in who is going through a divorce and has children involved, I would refer them to a solicitor who specialises in family affairs. The Citizens Advice Bureau hands out a lot of information to their clients in relation to their situation. They have a lot of knowledge about laws and policies and use this to assist their clients and let them know their rights.
Why I love it “People come in on a daily basis with a lot of problems that they need help in solving anything from a car clamp ticket to a heart and home breaking divorce.”
My best experiences “Although it’s early days, my best experience while working in the Bureau so far is when I observe the one to one interview assessments when the advisors work with their clients. There are a lot of different people with different problems and different attitudes.”
What I have learned “I’ve learnt so much so soon and cannot wait to exercise the skills that I am picking up and help the people who come in with their problems. It’s been part of my experience to observe how very well and professionally the members of staff handles the clients who can be slightly demanding, for example, constantly monitoring their tone and body language along with distributing excellent communication skills and I have learnt some skills on how to do this too.”