Needed a breather – Diana Meraz

Diana Meraz

26 Jul Needed a breather – Diana Meraz

Course studied: BSc Product Design with Erasmus
Year of graduation: 2015

When I left Brunel…
The first thing I needed was a breather from Uni life.

I wanted to travel so I went to Mexico, Italy and Brazil throughout the following year, but looking for jobs really wore me out. I took the time to do the little things I enjoyed such as photography and illustration, and spending time with family and friends.

I had been applying to so many opportunities, but when something finally came through I was so surprised. The dream job came without me even applying for it, but my CV must have been on so many sites that it wasn’t hard to find!

I was a bit gobsmacked when, out of the blue, I got offered an interview for a Product Design role at a leading photography accessories company working 30 mins from my home (they even waited for me to get back from 3 weeks in Brazil). I went in, they liked me, and I took the job! I still don’t understand exactly how it happened, but I’m choosing to think that hard work pays off, even if indirectly.

At the moment…
I am a valued member of my team and enjoying working in my degree area and supporting those with my same passion: photography.

How my career goals have changed…
My number one career goal has always been to work somewhere I am happy, on projects that energise me, and create things that make me proud. This hasn’t changed.

How I have developed professionally since graduating…
Since graduating I feel like I have not stopped gaining skills, and I am a lot more confident of my own knowledge.

How I have developed personally…
I think being in a professional environment does help you find in yourself another part of you. I had found myself and lost myself at University, and I understand now that we never stop developing personally.

My advice to recent graduates/students graduating soon…
Never stop looking for something that makes you happier, that fulfills you professionally and personally. Have confidence in yourself. Your life will probably not go exactly as planned, but you can shape it bit by bit to resemble what you first envisioned.