Trainee Technologist – Desislava Dimitrova

Desislava Dimitrova

03 Jul Trainee Technologist – Desislava Dimitrova

Role: Trainee Technologist
Type of job: Placement (12 months)
Organisation: Sopharma AD

Course studying: Biomedical Sciences
Year of graduation: 2018

Why I love it…
I got the opportunity to learn, from the head of the department, how to perform all the work expected of me in my particular position.

What I’ve learned…
If I exclude the GMP procedures and way of work, the leading lesson I learned was how to communicate freely and effectively with colleagues from all departments, which was essential for my role there.

My best experience/greatest achievement…
Because I was doing so well with my daily tasks, I was asked to prolong my contract (which was 1 year) for as long as I wanted.

How my Placement Adviser helped…
They helped me fill in the documents needed for my placement, and make sure I could start without any complications.

Tips for other students…
At first, starting a work placement looks scary. At least, that’s how it looked to me. However, making the effort to apply was totally worth it and I would not change that decision for anything. The experience and contacts I now have cannot be replaced.