Laboratory Research Assistant – Denise Ragusa


06 Jul Laboratory Research Assistant – Denise Ragusa

Role: Laboratory Research Assistant
Type of job: Placement (12 months)
Organisation: Leukaemia and Chromosome Research Laboratory – Division of Biosciences – Brunel University London

Course studied: Biomedical Sciences
Year of graduation: 2018

Why I loved it…
I took part in real-life research with tasks that required responsibilities and skills comparable to post-graduate levels.

My best experience/greatest achievement…
I contributed as co-author in a review article that was published by the journal Genes & Nutrition. I was involved in every step of this project, including literature searches, writing, editing, creating figures and was asked to express my ideas and opinions.

What I’ve learned…
Definitely problem-solving. Everything can go wrong in the lab during an experiment, and I had to figure out why and fix it!

How the PDC and my Placement Adviser helped me…
Stefania helped me during the whole placement hunting process and went above and beyond. She really made me understand how competitive the job market is and what it takes to stand out of the crowd.

Tips for other students…
Try to take every opportunity that is out there for you and don’t be afraid to fail. Many of my applications were rejected, but I didn’t give up. This will be invaluable experience in the future.