Impressing the CMO – Darius Gichini

Darius Gichini

02 Jan Impressing the CMO – Darius Gichini

Placement role: Marketing Campaigns Administrator
Company: Veritas Technologies

Course: Sport, Health & Exercise Sciences and Business Studies
Year of graduation: 2018

A brief outline of my role…
I was primarily responsible for the marketing collateral that was utilized within the Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) region. This entailed the day to day execution of marketing campaigns for the global Veritas brand and adapting it for EMEA.

Why I loved working here…
I enjoyed working alongside established professionals within the IT industry and having the capacity to network and learn from such professionals. Whilst working at Veritas, much was demanded of me, in regards to work performance, just like any other employee. This gave me a real insight into life after university and working in a corporate environment.

My proudest achievement or experience in this role…
Whilst working at Veritas, I had been given the task of assessing the best way for each regional team to understand marketing goals. This led to the creation of the first GEO marketing newsletter. This gave quick and insightful updates to all marketing employees within EMEA, helping them to understand what our goals were for the current week and quarter. This gained in popularity across the business, leading to a subscription from the Chief Marketing Officer of Veritas. In context, this person was responsible for all marketing activity for the 16th biggest technology company in the world. Getting their subscription meant I had created something of value, and really benefited the organisation.

How I have developed professionally since working here…
Working at Veritas enabled me to develop skills such as organisation and multi-tasking, which are essential for working environments. The fast paced culture of the industry requires you to manage day to day tasks appropriately so all organisational and personal goals are met. Being around other professionals helps one to see how others manage themselves in the environment of which you can learn from.

My advice to students wanting to work in this industry/sector…
My advice to any student seeking working experience within business is to take up any opportunity that becomes available whether voluntary or paid. The reason for this is any experience that you have will help enhance and develop skills needed for the working environment. Many of these skills can be transferred to different roles, which will improve your performance overall.