Danielle Davy


09 Sep Danielle Davy

North Primary School is a community school that prides itself on academics and helping the children develop in all areas of their life, making sure they are well rounded people.  North Primary School’s aim is to have caring, happy, individuals,learning and developing together.  They demonstrate this on a regular basis with the level of commitment that they put into everything that they do.

“My role within the school was classroom assistant.  I helped the lower set table, making sure they didn’t distract each other and completed a minimum amount of work.  I also worked with children with special educational needs and joined the booster groups to help children who felt they were falling behind.  I helped mark work and find pictures and information that encouraged the children’s creative side.  I also helped the newspaper club to finish articles, take pictures and put out this year’s edition.”

Why I loved it “Although the days wre scheduled and you had set lessons and tasks, one day could never be compared to another.  Working with children is always new and exciting and I always find it fulfilling.”

My best experience “The best experience I had on my placement was helping the children get ready for their end of school fair.   I had to help them find costumes and encourage them to practise their freestyles and at the end of term see it all come together and perform for the whole school and the parents.”

What I have learned “One of the main things that I have learned would be the level of dedication that the teachers put into their work.”