Daniel Lemon


14 Jan Daniel Lemon

Job title: Programmer
Type of position: Placement
Company: CERN
Degree: Computer Science

Why I loved it:

“My project was to design and program a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that is an XML-editor, which generates Programming Logic Controller (PLC) source code over an NFS-network, written in Java. So not only did I improve my knowledge of Java, I also learned about PLCs, XML/XPath and NFS.

I had the freedom to arrive when I wanted. Work was timetabled as being from 8.30am till 5.30pm, during the summer I usually arrived around 10am and left at 6pm. I arrived at CERN back on June 1st. After a week, I had met around 35 students all of whom told me they only knew 2-3 others. I invited all of them for drinks and 60 students showed up. It was amazing, everyone loved it, they now knew 59 others after only 2 weeks of being at CERN. I continued running a monthly meet-up event for technical students and I averaged around 70 attendees.”

My best experience/greatest achievement:

“Being so close to all the major ski resorts was unbelievable. I snowboarded in Crozet (Monts Jura) and Alpe d’Huez. Then I was at: Verbier, Villars, Brevent (Charmonix), St. Gervais, Les Contamines, Les Gets, Avoriaz, Zermatt and more!” I worked about 10 offices away from a Nobel Laureate. Everyone was so smart, motivated, inspirational and friendly. According to my CERN Facebook list, I now have over 230 friends from CERN, and that’s just the people who have added me on Facebook. I knew so many amazing people and I’ll be sure to meet a lot more! I now know people from France, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Portugal, Bulgaria, Slovakia, America, Russia, Austria, Hungary, Greece and more! Yes, I’ve tried to learn a few phrases in each language. CERN was like a University, except you didn’t exactly go to lectures and you got paid to do your project. There were over 80 different clubs to join, and various training courses to attend, so if you wanted to brush up on a programming language or learn some Physics than you could do that! I’ve started making plans to come back after I graduate. I’ll need to get a first in my degree and keep in contact with some of the important people that will help find me a Fellow or Staff position.”

What I learned:

“I improved my programming skills, management skills and languages. I can now organize and run large events, speak and understand quite a lot of French, and I have a deeper insight into many different cultures from around the world.”