Daniel Harrington


10 Jan Daniel Harrington

“When I started University I wanted to do a placement as it had always appealed to me more than sitting in lectures for four consecutive years, and I thought it was a good way to break my degree in to more manageable chunks. I applied to DSTL, along with a number of other organisations around Christmas, and managed to secure an interview in March. My team analysed the radar cross section, infrared and visual signatures of aircraft and other objects. As a result I was involved in some pretty interesting stuff, including going a BAE systems testing site to view an engine test.”

Why I loved it:

“I feel the effect it has had on my future learning.”

What I learned:

“It taught me to learn stuff for myself and gave me the knowledge of how an engineer works in industry. My CV is looking better too, having learnt a number of programs and industrial practices that will be invaluable when I graduate.”

My best experience:

“You earn money, further your recruitment prospects and expand your knowledge.”