Heavy lifting on site – Chandni Hirani

31 Aug Heavy lifting on site – Chandni Hirani

Job title: Engineer
Company: Lagan Construction Group

Course studying: Civil Engineering
Year of graduation: 2018

A brief outline of my role…
Over the past year, I had various roles from keeping on top of paper work to setting out on site. My main role was liaising with our client, making sure they had records of the works done and what works were to take place.

Why I loved working here…
I enjoyed the flexibility of my role. I didn’t spend each day doing the same thing. I would be expected to adapt to whatever situation there was on site, at times I was expected to be in different places on site at the same time and had to mange my time and also the workforce. I liked that every day was a challenge and unpredictable but I still left feeling like I learnt something even if I was spending the day doing paperwork.

My proudest achievement or experience in this role…
My proudest achievement was being able to do the project management side of the role. It was not what I expected to be doing as a site engineer but my supervisor always gave me new work to try so I could learn about a new aspect of the industry. During my time with the company I ran senior management weekly reports, Health and Safety reports, and helped manage public complaints and communication.

How I have developed professionally since I began working here…
During my time working at Lagan, I learnt I could do anything on site, I just have to give it a go. I was not good at everything but I could learn how to do it or at least help someone else to do it. As a woman on site, my ability to do the more manual jobs was second guessed at times but that just made me want to do them more and make a point of doing it myself. By the end of my placement I was carrying 40+kilos of equipment around site and people knew I was capable of doing it.

My advice to students wanting to work in this industry/sector…
Placements are a great opportunity to see what the industry is like before you enter it permanently and have to make long-term decisions about what you are going to do. Before I started working, I thought I wanted a consulting role rather than a contracting one, but once I started working I realised I preferred the fast pace and changing environment on site.

Spending a year working also puts the past two years of studying into perspective, you realise there is a career to be made directly using everything you have been learning. Plus, you get a short break from uni!