Carlos Da Silveira


08 Dec Carlos Da Silveira

Job title: Jn. Project Engineer
Type of position: Placement
Company: M. J. Quinn
Degree:  MEng Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Year of Graduation: 2015

Why I loved it:

“MJ Quinn was one of my first choices of placement due to its position in the public sector and the location of the company. I spent one year with MJQ and I am confident in saying it is the best experience I have had so far as a student.

My job role was Junior Project Engineer, but I also took on a range of management roles and admin tasks during my numerous projects. When I first started my progress was constantly reviewed. However, I was able to adapt to the fast pace of completing paperwork and deal with projects from start to completion!”

What I learned:

“When I started catching up on forms and QA requirements, I learned how to deal with projects, how the labour during night shifts were managed and how the company provided and supplied materials and plants. This was quite straight forward until I started managing thirty to forty different night engineers; which included supplying materials and dealing with their night issues and ensuring everything was supervised properly. Mistakes arose in the early stages of my tasks, and during this period I lost time, ordered the wrong materials and held up projects, due to permits not being in place. Yet I feel this was a necessary part of my maturity in the company, and in a few months I was able to fully manage engineers and projects as a whole, and finally make profits for the company. Due to the high demand of time and resources for my projects, I had to work both night and day in order to gain as much knowledge as possible to plan for future works!”

About my experience/Tips for students:

“Overall the experience of my placement has uplifted me both mentally and professionally. I strongly recommend an internship for any undergraduate. I stand by this affirmation that even if the degree you are studying does not mirror to the placement you attained, you will be surprised by the experience you will draw from it and will wish you had another year to benefit from it the more!”