Beth Williams


24 Jan Beth Williams

Job title: Designer
Type of position: Placement
Company: Warner Bros
Degree: Multimedia Technology and Design

Why I loved it:

“The team I worked with were great, really friendly and gave me a lot of freedom as well as responsibility. As an intern I didn’t feel any less important or less valued and one of the best parts was seeing your work out ‘in real life’ after all the work you’ve put in.”

My best experience:

“The best experience was attending the ‘Due Date’ premiere and walking down the red carpet as well as seeing Harry Potter 7 before the release date. The perks of the job were great!”

What I learned:

“At Warner Bros I learned to adapt my skills to a professional way of working- whilst working closely with the design team I picked up some great tips. I developed skills such as good time management and effective interpersonal skills.”