Becky Collins


14 Jun Becky Collins

Type of role: Senior Course / Teaching Assistant
Type of position: Permanent full-time

Company: Eleven Plus Exams

Degree: Creative Writing
Year of Graduation: 2016

Why I love it:
It allows me to explore varying areas of production, in an environment focused on learning and getting children into their dream schools. What I love most about my role is the diversity of my responsibilities. One day I’ll be writing or formatting a book, or proofreading an exam. The next, I’ll be planning a lesson or making worksheets. After that, something I never thought I’d succumb to (lesser still, enjoy): teaching.

My best experience/greatest achievement:
A year after graduating, I’ll have been promoted to a senior position and will have sent a textbook in my degree subject (Creative Writing) off for publication.

What I learned:
A startling amount of grammar for a graduate of writing.

About my experience e.g. responsibilities or tips for other students:
ElevenPlusExams Tuition centre is based in Harrow, North-West London and provides 11 plus tuition for year 5 and year 4 children in all subjects and caters for the main examining boards and regions.

Getting involved with so many extra-curricular activities while at university has no doubt fueled my satisfaction of effective projects and enjoyment of work. My utmost advice for any student is to not just find one society or social circle you like and settle for three years. Put yourself out there. Learn. Work.