Arwen Zheng

01 Mar Arwen Zheng

Nationality: Chinese
Work location: Beijing, China
Job title: Volunteer, Research Assistant, Producer
Company:  Yourgoal Media
Degree : MSc in Management

After I left from Brunel, I was working as an research assistant at the department of Social Anthropology at University of Cambridge, then went to the US for a short term TV Programme. Then I went back to Beijing, China, and started my own media company on documentary making.

What my job involves
Documentary making

What I did to get the job
I decided to start my own company after attending a short course in the US and to follow what my heart wants to do and that is documentary making.

What I gained from the UK experience
I was a volunteer of a NGO, called Mother Bridge, in London. That helped me to be more confident to speak out in English, and also it was a bridge to understand the new world of London. After that I worked as research assistant at department of sociology of University of Cambridge. All the work and academic experience in the UK  helped me to expand my eyes and mind

My top tips for international students

  • Understand the local situation
  • and keep updating the information of your country, even when you stay in the UK to keep your skills and knowledge of your own country fresh and ready to use when you get back.