Arunas Jakumavicius

05 Jan Arunas Jakumavicius

“As a Finance Assistant I was responsible for looking after the Finance activities between St Georges Healthcare NHS Trust and all the rest of the NHS Trusts throughout the UK. I also ensured that outstanding accounts were paid promptly, actioning appropriate and effective follow up procedures. I had to reconcile the schedule of outstanding accounts to the financial ledger on a monthly basis.”

Why I loved it:

“It provided me with an opportunity to see how the whole business structure was run in the biggest public sector’s organisation. I also had responsibilities and commitments that had to be complied with”.

My best experience:

“Taking part in a ‘Balance of Agreement’ exercise that was completed within all NHS Trusts throughout England.”

What I learned:

“Understanding general office duties, performing financial calculations, identifying and resolving errors and discrepancies.”