Aqueela Rachman

01 Mar Aqueela Rachman

Nationality: Pakistani
Work location: London, UK
Job title: Business Development Executive
Company:  Optirisk Systems
Degree : MSc Modelling and Management of Risk

What my job involves
Developing new strategies and tools to grow the business. Analysing campaigns to identify consumer patterns to make future strategies.Evaluating performance on daily basis. Developing website and blog.

What I did to get the job
I worked in this company as Business Analyst voluntarily. I performed very well and was a very regular intern and my hardship and devotion brought very good results and they selected me as Business Development Executive.My analytical and problem solving skills also played a vital role to find this job, as well as I have strong team working abilities, which have made it more easy to get this job. I have been very proficient in communication and presentation and gave presentations to my CEO, my staff and other overseas staff several times before my appointment. My capability of leadership also made easy to be selected for this job.

What I gained from the UK experience
I improved my communication skills and team working skills and leadership qualities during my education at UK which became a source of my success.

My top tips for international students

  • Get skills, which are very important in the UK .Go everywhere to get soft skills, do some voluntary or honorary work; it will pay you back a lot at a later stage. Skills are the most important things in a professional career.
  • Employers always look for extraordinary candidates and you can make yourself an extra ordinary person by your skills and knowledge.
  • Make passion to learning in initial stage of career and don’t think of money so much in beginning time of your professional career. Be prepared to work voluntarily  if necessary.
  • Attend university career  & placement centre workshops regularly. Prepare well for presentation of your dissertation very efficiently and confidently.
  • Employers seek capabilities more than academic credentials. But try to get at least merit, as the employers don’t always give jobs to graduates who have academic credentials lower than 2:1
  • Always focus on continual professional development as well.
  • Be confident of yourself as well as be confident for being a Brunel graduate.