Anthony Benford


17 Jan Anthony Benford

Job title: Computing (Support)
Type of position: Placement
Company: Otsuka
Degree: Computer Science

Why I loved it:

“Each day could be completely different in the kind of issues that I had to deal with. It could be anything from setting up new user accounts to resolving problems with the finance system and everything in between. It really made you think on your feet as it could have been something you never came across before.”

What I learned:

“Working at Otsuka gave me an amazing insight into not just the IT side of the business but also how the whole organisation worked to fulfil its goals and how each of the departments interlinked and relied on each other for information, which is why IT is so important and it was key that all the systems were up and running. As we had offices over several different countries, my job included support for the local office but also the affiliate offices and I found it really rewarding resolving issues employees at the affiliate offices had, which could sometimes be challenging as you had to resolve an issue remotely and you had to think on your feet about different ways to troubleshoot as you weren’t physically in front of their computer and you may have been limited on time. I didn’t think initially that I would have enough technical knowledge to succeed in my placement, however I quickly realised that you build up a lot of your knowledge when faced with real life problems and whenever an issue arose, I thought back to similar problems I had faced and used that knowledge to work on a solution.”

My best experiences:

“Seeing how something that you may think is only a simple solution can make a big difference to peoples daily working life. For example I produced a database to track employees visiting the office from other affiliate offices. This was extremely useful for the Finance department as they needed to know this information for tax purposes and previous methods of collecting the data weren’t always updated promptly.”

What I learned:

“In the area of end user support you need to always think how the issue you are dealing with affects their ability to do their job. I learnt how to prioritise work effectively and deal with problems I had not encountered before in a methodical manner.”