Andrew Robinson


05 Jan Andrew Robinson

Job title: West London Projects Officer/Business Support Officer
Type of position: Placement
Company: London Sport/Brunel University Sport
Degree: BSc Sports Science

Why I loved it:

“I loved having two placements. It was difficult to manage at times but I feel as if I managed my time well considering there was so much going on. I really enjoyed working with the people at both organisations. Colleagues from both jobs were hard working which encouraged me to put in all the effort I could. The chance to carry out staff development has really helped with my CV and with advancing my skills. I enjoyed meeting so many interesting people and definitely grew as a person from it.”

My best experience/greatest achievement:

“I really enjoyed the times I was working with the BBC. I found the “Wellbeing Day” to be the most enjoyable day, even though I was constantly moving and had no time for lunch.”

What I learned:

“Managing a grass roots sports project called “Sportivate” across West London. The project is a fifty-six million pound Olympic Legacy project aiming to inspire semi-sporty people to start playing sport and make it a habit for life. My main responsibilities were: assessing applications and deciding whether to accept or reject them (I looked at around four hundred plus applications across my time there), managing our budget with all six West London boroughs and ensuring that they were given realistic targets and spending for each quarter. I also liaised with leads from all these boroughs regularly and made sure to build up working relationships. I updated and ran the London Sport website and worked on various short-term projects, such as BBC Health and Wellbeing day, creating ward maps with the locations of all our Sportivate projects on, working on projects with Job Centre Plus.

As my placement was split, I also worked for Brunel University Sport. There I created occupancy charts to split external time, student time and academic times fairly. Set up multiple junior clubs and managed their marketing within the sports centre, and carried out the banking of all three venues.”

About my experience/Tips for students:

“Get the most out of your placement by always jumping for new opportunities.”