Amy Dorman


03 Dec Amy Dorman

Job title: Management Trainee/Assistant
Type of position: Placement
Company: Enterprise-Rent-A-Car
Degree: Business and Management
Year of Graduation:  2015

Why I loved it:

“It sounds ‘cheesy’ to say I loved everything but it is true. I was given responsibility from day 1, and the responsibility grew as my months continued. The Enterprise team grew to be my family and the atmosphere was fun on a daily basis which made work enjoyable! The variety in work changed daily, there was no sitting behind a desk all day every day – I was always on the go which made the placement fly past. The promotional opportunities and the way their placement schemes set you up to become Assistant Manager after university is superb. The way the staff are invested in and treated with rewards and training along with their ability to recognise hard work, makes my return to the company after university an easy decision.”

My best experience/greatest achievement:

“During my placement, I met all the promotional goals which Enterprise had set, however my greatest achievement would be my promotion to one of the team leaders at the Heathrow branch. This meant if my assistant manager was unavailable to help one of my team members, it was my responsibility to manage the shift and help to train and motivate staff. This was a highlight for me.”

What I learned:

“I was able to help others achieve career goals and develop my leadership skills to become a valued member of the team.”

About my experience/Tips for students:

“Look around at a variety of job roles first. Read into each one and concentrate on the daily tasks you will be doing and if you think you will be interested enough in them to do them for a year. The key is variety and responsibility, otherwise you will just be bored!”