Amarpreet Mangat

29 Nov Amarpreet Mangat

“When joining the company I felt very welcomed, and my work load increased at a good pace where I felt comfortable with what I was doing and developed a good understanding of my tasks and responsibilities within the job role. Getting used to early mornings and long days was very difficult as it is something I had never done before, but I soon got used to it. My work load and communication links with different departments and suppliers gave me the knowledge and understanding I needed to help assist in the new years marketing plans.”

Why I loved it:

“The people were great, very friendly and easy to work with. The work I did kept me busy and I learned a lot about the real world.”

My best experiences:

“Assisting with the design of the new 2011 Calendar.”

What I learnt:

“I have learnt a lot about how important marketing promotions are to increase sales and attract new customers. Keeping good communications with current customers is also vital for repeated business and loyalty.”