Amardeep Dharwar


14 Dec Amardeep Dharwar

“My experience at QuantumTm was very pleasant, as I gained practical experience of the working world which has complemented the theoretical knowledge I have learnt at University. I was constantly challenged on a regular basis and this motivated me to perform to the best of my ability. During my time at QuantumTM, I┬álearnt to adapt to different situations as the business was constantly developing. I believe it was an exciting time to work for QuantumTM, as the business looked to establish its brand in the United Kingdom and across the world. In summary, I ┬álearnt a lot during my time at QuantumTm. The practical experience I have learnt at QuantumTM will help me to fulfill my future career ambitions.”

Why I loved it:

“I loved this job because it provided me with a chance to speak to different people on a daily basis. This job also gave me the opportunity to make a difference within the organisation.”

My best experience:

“My best experience was when I helped to generate a big sale with a company called Speedboard Assembly. I was responsible for identifying the opportunity to generate a sale.”

What I learned:

“I learnt about the importance of good communication and using my initiative to identify opportunities that would help the business to grow.”