Amanda Appiah

09 Sep Amanda Appiah

“I was a Neuropsychology and brain imaging research assistant working for Professor Michael Wright, on the Brunel campus. My role had many parts to it. I mainly assisted in the recruitment of participants to take part in experiments. Also, I arranged the times and days in which these participants were able to participate. I helped get participants ready for the FMRI scans and conducted certain behavioural tests with them prior to the scan. I  also assisted in the development of an old study by changing the design slightly so that we were able to investigate a new hypothesis. I helped with the analysing of data from the experiments. A software known as MATLAB made this possible. This made it easier to see which regions of the brain were active during certain tasks.”

Why I loved it “I loved my placement because it gave me a sense of responsibility, I had different tasks to do but I  managed my time myself. I also loved my work placement because I had a good supervisor teaching me the ropes.”

My best experiences “My best experience was when I helped to take part in the research study that we were conducting on brain imaging while doing a sports activity.”

What I have learnt ” have learnt how to use graphical software, statistical software such as SPSS and other types of software. This is beneficial as I knew that learning how to use this would help me with my course.”