International Business – Ali Raza Asghar

Ali Raza Asghar

04 May International Business – Ali Raza Asghar

Job title: Assistant Language Teacher (ALT)
 JET Programme

Course studied: International Business
Year of graduation:

A brief outline of my role…

I teach English at Junior High and Elementary school level. I also participate in community and school events.

Why I loved working here…
Everyday is a completely new experience. The level of respect you gain by working as a teacher, let alone an English teacher, is immense. The children always look forward to the English classes and rather than just a teacher, I’m more of a friend to them. The people in the community, also, invite me to many events to take part in. Honestly, working here in Japan as an ALT is the best experience I will ever have.

My proudest achievement/experience in this role…
It’s always been helping the students take the English Language Proficiency tests. It’s the best feeling when your student passes, especially when you put in the time to work with them. The other teachers also gain new found respect for you and the parents of the students are forever thankful, giving you gifts and just being so thankful in general.

How I have developed professionally since beginning this role…
I have gained an increased sense of responsibility as the students success depends on how successfully I can teach them. In terms of time management and creating lessons, based on the topics, my organisational skills have developed immensely. Time management is also another skill of mine which I have been able to develop, as everyday I go to a different school with different levels of ability, meaning I have to manage my time correctly to create lessons based on the level of English literacy and speaking ability. This in turn has also allowed me to develop and increase my skills in organisation and responsibility.

My advice to students wanting to work in this industry/sector…
I would say definitely apply for it as it is one of the best experiences you could have. You do not need to have a knowledge of speaking or writing Japanese, but it would be good to show that you are making an effort to study it. What I will say is, that during the application, you need to demonstrate that you can adjust to living abroad and that you have experience living away from home, for instance that could be renting an apartment or living in halls etc.