Alexander Komache

01 Mar Alexander Komache

Nationality: Ghanaian
Work location: Cambridge,UK
Job title: Research Associate in Healthcare Design
Company:  University of Cambridge
Degree : PhD Systems Engineering, MSc. Advanced Manufacturing Systems

What my job involved
My job involved working with health practitioners, helping them to better understand their systems problems by employing various types of modelling techniques and systems concepts and in the process investigate the role of these techniques in the improvement of healthcare services.

What I did to get the job
I set up jobs alert on and that was where I found this job. I put in a lot of effort to prepare very well for the interview, seeking advice from the Brunel Careers Consultant and also speaking to a contact who I knew had worked with the Group in Cambridge before.

What I gained from the UK experience
I was a volunteer in the study conducted at Brunel by the EEF on developing tools for assessing the intercultural competencies of employees. This gave me a good appreciation of significant intercultural challenges faced by internationals.I worked as office assistant, meet and greet and campus tour guide for Brunel International for two years . I got to meet lots of people from many different countries and cultures, some of whom have become my friends and this has widened my experience considerably.Most importantly I believe my experience teaching and demonstrating in Brunel contributed to getting my present job and this is providing significant experience and potential for collaborating with top researchers in my future research.

My top tips for international student

  • Bear in mind that for international students it is not easy to find a job but it is also not impossible.
  • Let your passion for what you do be obvious. Be enthusiastic when you talk about what you do. Let the employer see that you are not just looking for a job but you love what you do!