Alexa Lewis

06 Aug Alexa Lewis

“My role as a Research Assistant involved an array of tasks. I was required to do the general admin work as well as research specific work such as helping to analyse statistics using SPSS, sitting in on Clinics, structuring questionnaires and interviews used in upcoming studies and organising resources used in International Conferences.”

“The company was a very well respected organisation. It was the Royal Free UCL Medical School and the person I worked for is Professor Lorraine Sherr who is renowned for her work in Health and Clinical Psychology. Overall I enjoyed the time spent at The Royal Free and would highly recommend this placement to other students like myself. The reason being is that I have improved upon and gained a whole host of new skills; furthermore I have deepened my knowledge in statistical analysis which is very valuable.”

Why I Loved it “What I enjoyed most about the placement is that every day brought new and exciting tasks that needed to be done, whilst some were more challenging than others, I really liked the variety and valued the experience I gained.”

My best experiences “My best experience whilst on placement was the HIV & AIDs Clinic because I was able to learn a lot about HIV & AIDs that wouldn’t necessarily be accessible from a text book. Actually interacting with the patients and just listening to how this disease seriously affected their lives’ and those around them was enlightening.”

What I learned “In terms of my clinical and health knowledge, I have been able to gain a very in-depth insight into the various areas that this discipline of Psychology covers, such as HIV & AIDS and how this affects mothers as well as the general population. I also had the opportunity to conduct interviews with midwives and also mothers who were HIV positive and those who had not contracted the disease.”