Sports Research Assistant – Alex Awofisan

Alexander Awofisan

04 Sep Sports Research Assistant – Alex Awofisan

Job title: Sports Research Assistant
Organisation: SHES

Course studying: Sports Business
Year of graduation: 2018

Why I loved working here…
Most things were outside of my comfort zone which meant I needed to adapt to situations and surroundings quickly. This did me the world of good as I developed many skills and flourished!

My best experience/greatest achievement…
My greatest achievement while on placement was creating an online repository consisting of motor skills to enable end users – such as athletes, coaches, stroke survivors and everyday people – recover from injuries at a faster rate.

What I learned…
Throughout my application process and getting a placement, I learned that no matter what the situation looks like, you should keep going. Sometimes it’s difficult, but you have to keep trying and soon enough, something will happen!

How the PDC and my Placement Adviser helped…
The PDC are very helpful and advisers like Stefania were there every step of the way, guiding me forward. Definitely go to them as that’s what they are there for.

My advice to students wanting to study in this industry/sector…
Doing a placement is totally worth it. Employers nowadays aren’t just looking for good grades, if you came out of university with a 1st and no experience compared to someone with a 2:1 who has a year’s experience, believe it or not, the company are more likely prefer the candidate with experience.