Alecia Perez Gomez

26 Oct Alecia Perez Gomez

Job title: Lighting Industrial Trainee

Course studied: Product Design Engineering
Year of graduation:

A brief outline of my role…

My role consisted of supporting the team in different tasks through the design process.

Why I loved working here…

I loved it because I felt very comfortable in the term, everyone was willing to help, and I learnt a lot form them. I also worked in very interesting projects and learnt many many things that now will make a huge difference when doing my 3rd year.

My proudest achievement/experience in this role…

From seeing myself improving in Photoshop and InDesign, to learn from scratch how to use Rhino, and be able to participate in different projects by the end of my placement using the software.

How I have developed professionally since beginning this role…

I think I developed notably. I improved not only in software, but also in communication and written English.

My advice to students wanting to work in this industry/sector…

Be passionate, always ask questions, and whenever you have free time learn new things.