Ahmed Al-azri

07 Feb Ahmed Al-azri

Nationality: Omani
Work location: Muscat , Sultanate of Oman
Job title: Director of post graduate studies department
Company:  Government of Oman
Degree : MSc Management

I have been  working in the Omani government and  I am living in Muscat. I was sponsored to study in the UK on a full scholarship.

What my job involves
Liaising with the Omani Cultural Attaches in different countries that relate to student affairs.Strategic planning with staff from other ministries & private sector to discuss the HR requirements which benefit both the organisation and the employee. Responsible for streamlining the Omani graduate students’ processes, who are studying overseas, ensuring that reputable institutions and appropriate courses are selected to meet organisational and individual needs.

What I did to get the job
In fact, I like to use one strategy which is qualifying myself by expanding  my knowledge (study and practice).

What I gained from the UK experience
Was able to gain a good understanding of the British culture and the education system.

My top tips for international students

  • Working after graduation is the key factor for future success not only in the UK but worldwide.
  • I can say propects for returning graduates will be good but there is a lot of competiton as most of Omani graduates would like to work in Oman on their return.